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Revolutionizing food tech: bringing robotics to pizza

Where Innovation Meets Italian Tradition

Pazzi Robotics is revolutionizing the fast-food industry by building an entire autonomous restaurant.

The definition of the “Fast Food of the Future” is changing amid renewed public health and safety concerns, quest of quality & traceability & solving labor massive constraints for Operators.

Pazzi is also changing the approach of robotics by its dramatization. The show cooking experience is providing an emotional approach of the dining experience while providing autonomy to the consumers (from ordering to collecting their meal).

Pazzi has been pioneering on the fast-food automation since its start in 2013 providing the most advanced tech.

The Pizza Kitchen Tech

Pazzi Robotics uses a cloud-connected software & machine learning platform with robots & robotic modules, developed by our R&D team, that enables our restaurants to operate in full autonomy.

It performs all kitchen tasks without assistance, delivering customized pizzas in 5mn, making 10 pizzas at same time, allowing a pizza every 47s (80 pizzas / hour).

5 GRANTED PATENTS about heating, dosing (1 pending).

Proprietary machine learning & robotics control software. Full kitchen autonomy : dough division & press, dosing of any type of IQF ingredients, individual cooking system, delivery system.

Industrial automation rethink with IA to face uncertainty of organic elements

the software solution

Our restaurants are fully controlled by operating software’s designed by Pazzi. Our solutions include an intuitive touch-screen interface to manage the restaurant daily, optional POS integration and a customer portal to track sales, promotions, inventory, as well as B2B interfaces (Kiosk and WebApp) for ordering.

The monitoring of the quality of the dough & pizzas is managed by vision software’s & multiple sensors designed by Pazzi engineers’ teams.

The full control of all operations is supervised by our software : planification of the pizza making, autonomous management of the kitchen, traceability, stock management, quality control & machine learning.

A high industrial capacity

Pazzi has set a partnership with an established Portuguese industrial company, Pinto Brasil, to be able to produce & assemble a high capacity of robotic equipment per year with a short lead time for the whole EU market

Iso 9001 certification facility.

we use only renowned & heavy-duty industrial components to manufacture our units : UR robotics arms, sensors, electric motors system , linear guide, pneumatic cylinder, electrical cabinets, cold room, silent compressor system …

EU certified

The solution for Fast-Food (QSR) operators


Cooks perfectly & consistently every time Recognizes and monitors errors
Cloud based monitoring and learning HACCP compliant
Reliable food-safe robot No extraction necessity
Reduced operating time Operates effortlessly


  • Total Available Market – Global Pizza Market : $ 192.4b*
  • Serviceable Available Market : $ 76.5b
  • Serviceable Obtainable Market : 3.825 b

*Source : estimation 2028 – Business Wire

Our Executive Chef

Our three-time world champion pizzaiolo takes an essential role by rigorously testing, refining and ensuring that every pizza meets our quality standards, guaranteeing a consistently exceptional dining experience for our customers.

The Dough

The chef takes pride in elaborating a secret mix that guarantees taste consistency, regardless of the difference between local flours.
This meticulously crafted blend serves as the backbone of our pizza-making process, ensuring every bite delivers the same unparalleled flavor experience.

Partnership with Cirio

Our exclusive Italian tomato sauce is meticulously developed in collaboration with Cirio and our esteemed chef. Our signature tomato sauce offers a unique flavor profile that is distinctly Pazzi, distinguishing us from competitors.

Food future can be better with robots!


At a time when alarmist and moralizing speeches about food are multiplying, our intention is to put taste – and the pleasure of good taste – back at the heart of the approach. Good Food is above all food that we like, that gives us pleasure, that (re)awakens our senses.


We maintain rigorous food safety and hygiene standards to ensure the health and safety of our customers.
Automated systems can help monitor and control food handling processes, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses


In the age of new technologies, food is reinventing itself to become Good Food. The challenge is to reverse the paradigm and finally put technology at the service of people. When it comes to food, this means even better food (quality and taste), even more personalized food, with increasingly sophisticated services to better meet expectations. In short, a Tech in a dynamic of continuous improvement, aware of the stakes of food for the planet.

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